Power Amplifiers

Multi-Channel Power Amplifiers

Yamaha Power Amplifier PC-D / DI Series Thumbnail

PC-D / DI Series

A New Generation of Network Power Amplifier Systems Offering Enhanced Flexibility and Scalability by Integrating Powerful Matrix Functionality and Dante Connectivity.

XMV Serisi

XMV Serisi çok-kanallı güç amfileri D-sınıfı etkinliği özellikle ticari ses sistemlerine yarar sağlayacak şekilde tasarlanmış özellikler ile birleştiriyor.

XM Series

4-channel power amplifiers that are an excellent choice for installations.

Stereo Power Amplifiers

PX Series

The versatile PX series power amplifiers lineup combines intelligent processing with high output power to meet the requirements of a vast range of sound reinforcement environments.

MA/PA Series

Lo-Z/Hi-Z switchable Class-D amplifiers that provide a smart simple audio solutions for any small to mid-sized applications.

Distribution Power Amplifier


This distribution amplifier delivers 200 watts + 200 watts and is compatible with 100V and 70V lines.