Yamaha’s #BringingLive2Life Campaign Celebrates The Music In Our Lives

Music plays a huge role and is adding colour to our everyday lives, so it is great to find live music is slowly but surely making its way back into our collective thoughts. Yamaha’s #BringingLive2Life campaign aims to support musicians and music lovers alike.

At Yamaha, we pride ourselves in our ability to enrich people’s lives with music in many different ways. They include brass, strings, pianos, keyboards, drums, guitars and amplifiers for musicians; loudspeakers and networked audio for bringing live sets and background music to audiences in many different venues and the mixing consoles that performances by every artist from the most local to the world’s biggest rely on.

With our #BringingLive2Life campaign, we want to celebrate the beginnings of live music returning to our lives; to support music lovers, musicians, retailers and all whose livelihoods are bound up in the live music industry, in whatever form the future allows.

Yamaha has the breadth of business to help #BringingLive2Life with a variety of approaches. We are involved with performances by the London Symphony Orchestra which are being streamed to a global audience; we are delivering the high-quality music to create a pleasant atmosphere in the unfamiliar surroundings of socially-distanced restaurants. And, most importantly, by manufacturing that first, easy-to-play instrument, we are there at the very beginning with the next generation of live musicians.

So join us in celebrating music, as we look forward and work responsibly together towards #BringingLive2Life.



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